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Don’t Let Hallway Furniture be an Afterthought

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Don’t Let Hallway Furniture be an Afterthought

Your front hallway gives a visitor his or her first impression of your home. The hallway furniture you choose for it can go a long way toward making your home inviting and warm feeling. For most homes, painting the hallway in a light color looks best, particularly if the hallway is narrow. Using a light color makes the most of any natural and artificial lighting available in your hallway. Mirrors are another great trick for maximizing the lighting in your hallway.

With a narrow front hallway, you may not have room for a hall tree, but you have other options for guests to hang up handbags and coats if you don’t have a coat closet. You can put up sturdy pegs on the wall, or you can use a bench seat with a high back that contains pegs at the top. You can also get “pub mirrors” that have coat hooks built into them. Having a place for guests to hang their coats and perhaps adding an attractive umbrella stand will make your front hallway welcoming to guests.

With wide hallways, your options for hallway furniture are greater, because you have fewer space limitations. That means you could have a table, a beautiful floor lamp, a hall tree, or even a nice bench seat or settee in your hall. You could even have a beautiful piece of artwork, or a focal point like a tropical fish tank or a lush house plant.

For most people, however, narrow hallways are the reality they must deal with. That doesn’t mean that hallway furniture is ruled out. Narrow hallways, for example, are great for placing shallow bookshelves that are perfect for smaller books and DVDs. These bookshelves also offer enough flat space on top for a lamp, and the light will give a more open feeling to the area. And even the narrowest of hallways can have artwork or mirrors on the walls.

The hallways and foyers in your home don’t have to be a decorating afterthought. They can be used to express your sense of style, and they can be used to prevent clutter in other parts of the house. With a bit of creativity and strategic placement, your hallways can be not only useful to the running of your household, but attractive, inviting, and expressive as well.

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Written by nemolist

October 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

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