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2033 Living Room Set for Your Living Room

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American Traditional furniture was largely inspired by the furniture made for the wealthy and monarchs of Europe. This style tends toward darker woods and finishes, and details like ornamentation and carving. Traditional furniture of this style is often attention-grabbing due to its weightiness and abundance of detail, and it has remained a favorite for living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture for nearly 300 years.

The “Federal” version of American Traditional furniture came of age alongside the American colonies during the late 1700s and early 1800s. Brass and eagles, along with tapered legs, inlays, and veneers are typical of this type of traditional furniture.

But before the Federal style came American pieces patterned on the popular styles of Europe such as French Empire, Chippendale, and Queen Anne. The American versions, however, tended toward more simplicity in line, however. Later American Traditional styles included design elements like column pedestals for tables, and lyre-backs on chairs.

Many American Traditional style furniture pieces are available at furniture outlets catering to every price range. Even discount furniture is available in beautiful American Traditional styles. The styles do not have to be used in formal settings, but can be accented beautifully by colorful and more casual American touches such as patchwork quilts.

For the bedroom, pencil post beds and sleigh beds are perfect examples of American traditional furniture, and look lovely flanked by simple bedside tables with single drawers and tapered legs. In your living room, an upholstered settee with bolster pillows on each end can complement a library table. Even your front porch or patio can have an American Traditional look with a set of Adirondack chairs.

Furniture stores in America almost always have a selection of American Traditional styles due to their perennial appeal and versatility. They can be dressed up or down, made to look more or less formal, and always look right at home.

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Written by nemolist

January 17, 2013 at 3:50 am

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